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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to School

How is everyone doing this beautiful day? Great I hope!

Not sure if many of you know, but while my girlfriend and I were working on my website we were also working on getting into Sheridan College. Don't know if many of you have heard about it; but it's a well respected art college located in Ontario, Canada not that far away from Toronto. It is mostly known for producing Animators, but is also great in it's other fields such as Illustration. Sheridan overall is just a great school for people that are looking for careers in the Arts. Which is why we decided to go there so we could learn and grow as artists. Also to hopefully get some more exposure in the art community for which we are lacking.

Well, as you can probably guess by the title we have made it in and have now just completed our first week of school. It's interesting being back in a school environment again because it has been awhile since I have gone. One thing for sure is that we are both eager to learn so that makes it far more enjoyable to be back in school again. I've always been a self taught artist, searching and feeling my way through the best I can so that I may express my ideas. It will be nice to learn the things I didn't know, which should help me to improve on my own abilities so that I can further expand on my style of painting.

It's a beautiful school, large and well built. You can basically find anything you need so that you don't need to leave campus. Art supply store, food courts and studios to do your art in. The teachers are all great with diverse backgrounds in the field of art. They are very talented and most do their teaching part time as they still continue to work in their fields of study like animation, illustration or fine art.

We look forward to the following weeks ahead to see how much we can grow as artists. See where this road takes us. It's going to be a fun spring and summer of which we hope to produce wonderful pieces of art. Sometime when I get used to this blogging I will try to add pictures to my post so that you can see what we've been doing.

Thanks for reading. We hope your days ahead are wonderful and full of blessings.

Take care and God Bless! ~ Jonathon


  1. Hi Jonathon ~ It sounds wonderful! You are so lucky to be doing this! I could only dream of the opportunities you will have. I know you and Becca will have tons of success. It is a beautiful day here! Our snow is melting. I can't wait to hear from you again and see the art you will be making! Love you! ~ Cola

  2. Hi Jonathon and Becca, it was wonderful to hear from you, I passed on your message to some family members, Sally said it sounds great too! Go Vikings! Mom

  3. Hi Jonathon~ I love your paintings. I think trees are one of my favorite things except for roses. The trees in winter are so wonderful, you can see the real beauty with all the leaves gone. The way the branches twist and turn. They each have a secret story to tell.
    I hope you and Becca have a wonderful time in college. Drink in every minute, time goes by so fast. Make lots of beautiful memories and paint some of them.
    Can't wait to see some more of your paintings.
    Smiles, Pat